Friday, June 9, 2017

Most Memorable Experience

Forced Perspective:

One of the most memorable experience was the forced perspective project. It was the second photoshop project so it helped me to learn more about the photoshop programs and tools wich I did not use for my first project. Before the project, I did not know about the forced perspective photographs and what they were or we could create something like that. Through this project, I learned what a forced perspective photograph are and creating those photographs was fun. I also learned that the forced perspective are different than the levitation photos as the levitation photos has the subject floating in the air while the forced perspective is all about perspective and it shows optical illusion by making the subject big, or small. It was a fun project and helped me learned a lot.

Pinhole Photography:

The other most memorable experience is pinhole photography. I learned a lot of new things through this project. Before, I did not know how the photography was done in the 80s. Also, I was never aware of the pinhole camera and dark room. It was a lot of fun learning to use the pinhole camera and processing the photographs in the dark room. This project helped me learn how important the exposure of light is to both pinhole photography and modern photography with phones and cameras. The darkroom process was exciting as I did not know that the photos have to be processed and after getting the negative photo we need to make it positive. I did not like black and white photos but with this project, I started liking them. I really enjoyed converting negative photo to a positive one.

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