Thursday, April 27, 2017

Selfies, to be or not to be

I think the purpose of a selfie is to express one's expressions in the movement by oneself. The selfie helps people to convey their feelings with others easily. Taking selfies and using them for social media is phenomenal today and we all follow that. We all want to be connected and one of the purposes can we be defined by that as the selfies are all around the world of social media and nowadays we are more connected through social media. I think the purpose of a selfie is more of using it for the internet than any other and it is taken for fun in daily lives.

I think the purpose of the selfie defines whether it is art or not. If the selfies are taken randomly without any purpose it wouldn't look like an art but if the selfie is carefully taken with proper level and in a creative way, it will be like an art. It also depends on the expressions and the background taken. If the selfie shows a clear understanding of a person's happiness or sorrows it could be considered an art because it is taken with some intention. I think that the selfie only has one subject of the person who is taking the photograph and there could not be much variety except taking it with different angles and effect of the light. While other photographs we take have different subjects, perspective and much more.

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