Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation is an interesting concept of photography where the subject of the photographs is floating in the air.  It is a basic form of photography where two or more images are composed in an editing software.
Paranormal are the photos that seems to show the the things which were not seen during taking the shot such as orbs and rods. There are things which were seen during the time of the shot but are considered paranormal such as ghosts and UFOs. They cannot be defined by science.

While taking photographs for creating levitation, it is important to take the photographs from the low perspective so the subject of the photo can be seen high up in the air. It is very important to make all the photos color correct so they all are the same. It is important to compose completely different shots and "building" the composition and taking some photos in the exact same position. It is recommended the subject of the levitation photos is shot at the same time as subject is shot. Light and shadows will give away the idea that photo is composed of many different photographs because of different light appearance. Also, It is important to capture the subject of the levitation photo in natural position and it has to match the levitation.

Craft of the Witch

Digital Photography School

Double Exposure Photography

I want to create a levitation where I can show the reflections or shadows the way it is created in the photos above. I would like to show the subject of photo hanging on a branch of tree and create show of it in water if possible. Or I would like the subject of the photo cooking in the air and the cooking materials floating in the air. I might show the subject in one position and show the succeeding actions as a reflection. Also, I don't want to fill out all the space in the photo because I want to emphasize the background with the subject.

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