Monday, April 3, 2017

History of Photography

I learned a lot of new things through this project and it was very interesting. Henry Fox Talbot was the first person to thought about a photograph of a sketch which will be immediately taken by a light sensitive machine. He came up with 3 important elements of the photograph: developing, printing and fixing. His thinking innovation helped developed photographs. The first digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson which created the history and later further inventions of digital cameras. In the early 1900s, Lewis Hine started documenting as a tool of photography and he started photographing the immigrants on the Ellis Island. I think it is an important factor in the history of photography because now we have a lot of photographs which gives information from different times about different subjects. If he would not have started, today we won't be able to have photographs of immigrants and child labor which are important in the history. He has inspired others to document photographs. I really enjoyed the project and it was important to learn the history of photographs. German Photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his large-scale aerial photographs. He has been inspired by industrial machinery and documenting buildings. He created a new way of photographing different and fascinating perspective. His photograph of "Rhine II" set the record of highest paid photograph at an auction.

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