Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

Untitled Film Still #13. 1978.

Collection The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Cindy Sherman is one of the most respectful photographers of the late twentieth century. She uses herself to communicate the "role of the woman, the role of the artist" and much more. Through her works, she has raised important questions of the society like the role of women in society. Her photographs are very unique and sometimes the viewer is confused about the clarity of her true nature. She is often dressed scary and deformed and sets herself in strange positions and its features oddly lighting of green, blue and red. 

"I've got five haters. Everyone else loves me."

Brandon Stanton/Courtesy of St. Martin's Press

Brandon Stanton is best selling author, photographer and founder of Humans of New York. He takes portraits of people living and working in New York including the piece of conversation about their lives. He adds quotes and captions to his photographs which got a lot of public attention. In 2014, he went to the middle east to photograph people in 50 days in 10 countries. In 2015, He traveled to Pakistan and Iran to photograph people. He takes photographs of people mostly on the street.

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