Monday, March 27, 2017

Photos with Quotes

For this photo, I used a quote which applicable to the background and it gives a new meaning to the photograph. I have arranged the words in a pattern which looks like stairs and therefore it seems to follow the road. I made the font size bigger to smaller to make it look noteworthy. The color of the font is little dreary as the background is not so bright.

For this photo, it was very important to choose a quote which will not leave a lot of empty spaces and will fit perfectly with the image. So I chose this quote which talks about traveling and the world. The placement of the quote is simple and it seems that the words are placed in the pattern of stairs. I have made the font size big to small to make it look distinct.

For this photo, I used the quote which is relevant to the background and its mood. I chose to make the font follow the curve of the wall which makes it look distinctive. The font size goes from bigger to smaller and it looks good. The color of the font coordinate with background well as there are many colors in the background and the one I selected is bright and does not match with other colors so It is eye catching.

The two most important things I learned through this assignment are how the color of the font and font style should be alike to the background of the photo. It was very important to make the font color look relevant to the background and according to the mood of the background. In order do that I chose a little bright color for the bright background and for the dreary background I used a dreary color so they coordinate well with the background. The font style was important as well. If the background had many objects then it was better to choose a simple font style so it won't make the photo too busy and if the background did not have many objects and was simple it was applicable to use a font style which was not very simple such as Apple Chancery. 

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