Wednesday, March 8, 2017

“David Hockney inspired Photomontage”

    We are trying to convey the scene of the ramp which is in the hallway towards music room. The scene consists of three parts the wall, the ramp and the railing and we have included the door which is little away from the ramp. I believe we have portrayed the place as specific as possible.There were few components which were difficult show like the connection between the ceiling and the wall. We were not completely successful in communicating the scene because we had difficulty in showing the railings and the ramp. The actual place looks different than the one which is created in the collage.

    I learned about the technique of cubism. I was inspired by the technique as it is on flat surface and two-dimensional and it creates the scene with fragmented objects. By looking at the examples of the photomontages, I thought that it wouldn't be difficult to create it but it was really challenging. I learned to create a new type of collage which is not random and the effectiveness of the collage after it is created. The collage helped to build the craftsmanship and creativeness.

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