Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Burning House: What is Meaningful?

Name: Henna Patel
Age: 17
Location: Yarmouth, Maine
Occupation: A Student

The objects I included in the photo plays a significant role in my life. My beloved object is my guitar, which I got for my sixteenth birthday. Since my childhood, I love guitar and its music and I learned to play it last year. The photo frame is a precious gift from my friends, which I got from them 2 years ago. The blue book is my diary which I have been writing since I was in sixth grade and I have a lot of memories stored in it. The clutch was my Christmas present from my mother, so it is very important. There are my favorite bracelets, earrings, and one necklace. I don't like to wear jewelry but I wear it on occasions and the ones included are very important as I don't have any issues with them. I kept some money because money is really important and we work hard to earn it. I kept car keys because if my house was burning I want to take the car keys as it will be difficult to find them later and we just got the new car last summer. Lastly, I kept phone and earplugs as they are most important and it hard to live without those two accessories.

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