Tuesday, April 11, 2017


On a lovely day, She was passing by the lake in the car. Those days of fall and spring when she went to fishing with her father to a mesmerizing lake. As the car was moving it seemed like the little girl was growing up. Looking out of the window, she could see herself with the fishing rod in a canoe with a hat and a big smile. As the car moves forward, the glimpse of the lake was fading and she was realizing that she has grown up and now she was heading towards her job. Looking at the lake,  reminiscing her days with her dad she went on to make her dad's dream true.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation is an interesting concept of photography where the subject of the photographs is floating in the air.  It is a basic form of photography where two or more images are composed in an editing software.
Paranormal are the photos that seems to show the the things which were not seen during taking the shot such as orbs and rods. There are things which were seen during the time of the shot but are considered paranormal such as ghosts and UFOs. They cannot be defined by science.

While taking photographs for creating levitation, it is important to take the photographs from the low perspective so the subject of the photo can be seen high up in the air. It is very important to make all the photos color correct so they all are the same. It is important to compose completely different shots and "building" the composition and taking some photos in the exact same position. It is recommended the subject of the levitation photos is shot at the same time as subject is shot. Light and shadows will give away the idea that photo is composed of many different photographs because of different light appearance. Also, It is important to capture the subject of the levitation photo in natural position and it has to match the levitation.

Craft of the Witch

Digital Photography School

Double Exposure Photography

I want to create a levitation where I can show the reflections or shadows the way it is created in the photos above. I would like to show the subject of photo hanging on a branch of tree and create show of it in water if possible. Or I would like the subject of the photo cooking in the air and the cooking materials floating in the air. I might show the subject in one position and show the succeeding actions as a reflection. Also, I don't want to fill out all the space in the photo because I want to emphasize the background with the subject.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

History of Photography

I learned a lot of new things through this project and it was very interesting. Henry Fox Talbot was the first person to thought about a photograph of a sketch which will be immediately taken by a light sensitive machine. He came up with 3 important elements of the photograph: developing, printing and fixing. His thinking innovation helped developed photographs. The first digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson which created the history and later further inventions of digital cameras. In the early 1900s, Lewis Hine started documenting as a tool of photography and he started photographing the immigrants on the Ellis Island. I think it is an important factor in the history of photography because now we have a lot of photographs which gives information from different times about different subjects. If he would not have started, today we won't be able to have photographs of immigrants and child labor which are important in the history. He has inspired others to document photographs. I really enjoyed the project and it was important to learn the history of photographs. German Photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his large-scale aerial photographs. He has been inspired by industrial machinery and documenting buildings. He created a new way of photographing different and fascinating perspective. His photograph of "Rhine II" set the record of highest paid photograph at an auction.

Monday, March 27, 2017


As I see this indian desert,
My mouth starts watering,
made with fine cashews and milk,
with dry fruits and mild spices
eaten in every house of india
the dish of joy: kaju katli (cashew slice)
It remarks the special festivals
to the every indian family
 and reminding me of all those memories
which I had with the sweet
and the festivals

Photos with Quotes

For this photo, I used a quote which applicable to the background and it gives a new meaning to the photograph. I have arranged the words in a pattern which looks like stairs and therefore it seems to follow the road. I made the font size bigger to smaller to make it look noteworthy. The color of the font is little dreary as the background is not so bright.

For this photo, it was very important to choose a quote which will not leave a lot of empty spaces and will fit perfectly with the image. So I chose this quote which talks about traveling and the world. The placement of the quote is simple and it seems that the words are placed in the pattern of stairs. I have made the font size big to small to make it look distinct.

For this photo, I used the quote which is relevant to the background and its mood. I chose to make the font follow the curve of the wall which makes it look distinctive. The font size goes from bigger to smaller and it looks good. The color of the font coordinate with background well as there are many colors in the background and the one I selected is bright and does not match with other colors so It is eye catching.

The two most important things I learned through this assignment are how the color of the font and font style should be alike to the background of the photo. It was very important to make the font color look relevant to the background and according to the mood of the background. In order do that I chose a little bright color for the bright background and for the dreary background I used a dreary color so they coordinate well with the background. The font style was important as well. If the background had many objects then it was better to choose a simple font style so it won't make the photo too busy and if the background did not have many objects and was simple it was applicable to use a font style which was not very simple such as Apple Chancery. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Environment: Architecture/Landscapes

River, what a deep and mysterious flowing,
Through the mountains to the ocean,
From Summer till the Winter,
Flowing heavily from mountains,
And steady on the plains,
The Rhythm of nature,
Chanting on the stones,
Dancing with the wind,
Either Calm or Excited,
The Heart of Nature,
Reflecting Peace and Joy,
Possessing different form in winter, Frozen
Unknowingly, flowing motionless
Freezing those sounds, that calm,
Bringing motivation towards,
To keep moving,
In those Frozen conditions of life.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

“David Hockney inspired Photomontage”

    We are trying to convey the scene of the ramp which is in the hallway towards music room. The scene consists of three parts the wall, the ramp and the railing and we have included the door which is little away from the ramp. I believe we have portrayed the place as specific as possible.There were few components which were difficult show like the connection between the ceiling and the wall. We were not completely successful in communicating the scene because we had difficulty in showing the railings and the ramp. The actual place looks different than the one which is created in the collage.

    I learned about the technique of cubism. I was inspired by the technique as it is on flat surface and two-dimensional and it creates the scene with fragmented objects. By looking at the examples of the photomontages, I thought that it wouldn't be difficult to create it but it was really challenging. I learned to create a new type of collage which is not random and the effectiveness of the collage after it is created. The collage helped to build the craftsmanship and creativeness.