Friday, June 9, 2017

Assignment that I am the most proud of

The assignment which I'm most proud is the Who am I? video project. I had never thought what was really important to me or who really I am. This project made me think about myself in deep and what was really important to me. I did not have any experience using iMovie so this project helped to learn the features of iMovie and create one. Through this project, I learned that how important my culture was to me and how I still want to follow the paths of my culture. While creating the video, I faced many issues but with help, I was able to create a good movie. The requirements for the project was challenging for me as it was hard to find selfies and video to add but it pushed my boundaries. I am really proud of this assignment because though it was my first iMovie, I was able to create a good one.

Most Memorable Experience

Forced Perspective:

One of the most memorable experience was the forced perspective project. It was the second photoshop project so it helped me to learn more about the photoshop programs and tools wich I did not use for my first project. Before the project, I did not know about the forced perspective photographs and what they were or we could create something like that. Through this project, I learned what a forced perspective photograph are and creating those photographs was fun. I also learned that the forced perspective are different than the levitation photos as the levitation photos has the subject floating in the air while the forced perspective is all about perspective and it shows optical illusion by making the subject big, or small. It was a fun project and helped me learned a lot.

Pinhole Photography:

The other most memorable experience is pinhole photography. I learned a lot of new things through this project. Before, I did not know how the photography was done in the 80s. Also, I was never aware of the pinhole camera and dark room. It was a lot of fun learning to use the pinhole camera and processing the photographs in the dark room. This project helped me learn how important the exposure of light is to both pinhole photography and modern photography with phones and cameras. The darkroom process was exciting as I did not know that the photos have to be processed and after getting the negative photo we need to make it positive. I did not like black and white photos but with this project, I started liking them. I really enjoyed converting negative photo to a positive one.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pinhole Photography


  1. To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
  2. To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

The three aspects of the pinhole photography are exposure of light when taking photographs, the process of the dark room and turning negative into positive. The exposure of the light determines how the photo will look like. If the photo is exposed for a long time than it will be all white and if exposed for not enough time than it will be all dark. It also depends on the weather when we are taking the photographs. if the weather is little cloudy then more exposure time is needed. I need one of my photographs was 23 seconds which gave me good photograph. The ghosting one I did for 45 seconds total because the person had to come in between and leave. The process of darkroom is very important because we do not keep the photo in the chemical for enough time it could get bad. It is very important to have perfect time of exposure of light in the dark room when turning the negative into the positive photo.

 The exciting part was definitely taking photographs because we cannot see what will the photo look like the way we see on a cell phone. We had to wait to see the photograph till they are processed through the dark room and looking at them was exciting. The pinhole was obviously a different camera and the photos worked accordingly to the exposure of light.  The process of darkroom was interesting as well as I had never known about it.  The most exciting part was turning negative into a positive photo and looking at it. 

Forced Perspective Photography


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;

I think the most successful photograph is the one where I'm in the bubble. In that photograph, I was able to use different tools. All of the photographs are different but this one is very different as the person cannot be in the bubble and it is very imaginative. It is very successful because my position worked out well with the background unlike the one in the leaning tower. Also, I was able to make it look unique and original by decreasing the opacity of the subject. The brightness of the background and the subject also worked out well.

The most challenging part of this project was to come up with the ideas and make them look original. The online sources helped to come up with the ideas but then it was important to take the photographs which could be applied to the background. Often the subject brightness will not work with the background so it was hard to adjust that and make the photo look original. I tried to take the photos with the gestures on my face which were going to represent the meaning of the photograph which has helped to create meaningful forced perspective photographs. I would try to take more good photographs which can relate to the background well.

Sunday, May 21, 2017



Shadows appears in every light,
follows behind you every time,
and mesmerizes everyone,
children likes to play,
and I like to watch.
the dark area formed,
by an opaque object.
And a friend who follows in light
and disappears in dark.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Who Am I" video presentation


To understand the purposes and differences of selfies, portraits, and self-portraits;
To look at the work of contemporary artists who create portraits and self-portraits and interpret and analyze their purposes;
To create a video that effectively communicates “who you are”;

To use iMovie's features in a creative and unique way.

Who Am I? video

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hobbies and Interest


An instrument with 6 strings,
low E, A, D, G, B, high E
With different sound for each one,
Presenting with a strum,
It creates the world of music,
From little too young
All I want to do is play
Play for soul with my heart
The pleasant sound which ears crave for,
Bringing peace and joy.
Yes, it is an instrument,
For me, it is beyond an instrument
which I dream for in the day,
And all I want to do is play.